“Faith and prayer both are invisible but they make impossible thing possible’’


I’m Rupali, I’m a psychic tarot card reader and a numerologist .I am a mommy of two kids.I love spending time with my husband and my kids, I think that if someone is able to help people, he/she should help people as much as they can and i know I am also here to help people through my tarot readings and numerology.

I use tarot cards with the combination of my intuitive and psychic abilities and I calculate numbers to guide and help people to suggest them the right path of their life . I have been spiritual and enthusiastic learner, I want to share my own experience and the reason behind becoming a tarot reader and a numerologist, so when I had my first astrological fortune telling experience , I got so impressed by the person who was saying about my future and my past life and a lot . I was surprised that how can a person tell anything about anyone by reading a piece of paper ( horoscope) or some numbers ,for their well wishes . As I was in my late teens I started learning. I’m a keen learner of spiritual and astrological literature.

One thing else that I have always been able to feel energies of places and people around me . Many of my friends , clients and relatives says that I have the strongest ability of clear feeling along with the Clear Seeing ability.